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Searching for answers to questions regarding care can be the most frustrating of all.  Regardless of where you call, who is asked or what agency is recommended, you may receive different information or answers to the exact same questions. And, in most cases, all the answers you receive have at least part of the information you are seeking but never all.

Elder Services of Florida, Inc., can bring all the information together with advice based on the life experiences of our clients.  We have developed a database of information on community resources, government entitlements, Medicare, Medicaid, private care in home and private care within a retirement or skilled facility. 

It’s not only about health care or home care, it is about life care.
— Elder services of florida, inc.

Maintaining Safty

We always like to make certain that the home environment is as safe as possible.  As mentioned before, Elder Services of Florida, Inc., has in-depth experience keeping older adults in their homes throughout his /her years of life.  We can recognize safety hazards and recommend ways to greatly reduce the risk of falling and other possible accidents prevalent with older adults. 

Why Set Up A Trust?

It is a common myth that individuals or couples who have trusts are extremely wealthy.  Many wealthy individuals are advised by their attorney or accountant to create a trust. In many cases, more than one trust is created when there is substantial wealth to reduce estate taxes upon death. 

However, another important reason for individuals to create a trust is for the ease of transition through each phase of the aging process. It is important to note that we do not give legal advice, but we are accustomed to working with individuals who have a trust and a trustee.

Complete Health Care ASSESSMENT 

It is important to determine exactly how much care is truly needed by your loved one. If there are sufficient medical records available, it may only be necessary to assess the individual’s psychosocial factors such as daily routine, daily activities, social activities and family involvement.  However, Elder Services of Florida, Inc., can perform a complete nursing assessment to make certain that we are aware of all known diagnoses, complaints by the older adult, medications and other symptoms, which may be recognized but not addressed.

We will want to thoroughly review all medications in the home against a current medication list obtained from the elder’s primary care physician (PCP). In most cases, this is where we find our first deficiencies. If there is any confusion, it may be necessary to obtain med lists from all physicians.

To complete our health care assessment, it is important for us to observe and define physical and cognitive functions while Mother and/or Father are in their home environment. We want to see how able each are to manage their medications, transfer from bed to chair to walker, toilet, etc.  

Frequently asked Concerns & Questions

  • What care can I expect to be paid by Mom or Dad’s Medicare and supplemental policies?
  • Can my mother and/or father afford to remain in their homes? In other words, can they age in place?
  • Is placement in an Assisted Living Facility the answer?
  • What if my parent(s) refuses care?
  • What do we do if Mom or Dad run out of money?
  • How do I compare the cost of each of our options?

Power-Of-Attorney vs. Trusts

The trustee named has an enforceable obligation to follow the guidelines of the trust document, which can be drafted in almost any manner by its creator.  Concern over privacy and HIPAA regulations, the legal power-of-attorney documents in many cases are not recognized by banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies and especially most government entities such as Medicare.  The trustee only needs to present the trust document to be recognized, as long as, the language in the trust provides for full power to act on behalf of the creator (truster) and beneficiary. We can help you trustee or attorney-in-fact navigate the financial maze. 

Health Assessment Questions 

  • Can the elder dress herself? 
  • How about meal preparation?
  • Who is doing the shopping?
  • Who is paying the household bills?
  • How are tax documents collected and tax returns being filed?
  • Who keeps up with insurances?

We maintain our clients’ safety & treat our clients with dignity.
— Elder Services of Florida, Inc.

Geriatric care Management

Need assistance with coordination of care for your loved one? We handle all aspects for you. Consider a care manager as the adult relative, who could or would hire the home care agency or private aide. We supervise caregivers in the home and are available to the care team and family members 24 hours 7 days a week.

As our role as care managers we schedule doctor visits, make placement recommendations, keep up-to-date medication spreadsheets, communicate between and among all physicians to insure consistency of care. Most importantly as geriatric care managers we keep family members informed on a regular bases. Consider us your "feet on the ground" when your feet are in another state or country.

Protecting Finances

Often overlooked or forgotten by social workers or health care providers is the topic of finances. Elder Services of Florida, Inc., will always openly discuss the financial aspect of care for the older adult.  From experience, we have learned that there are many ways to address the cost of long-term care.  And, from experience, we can help the designated legal representative with assuming his/her responsibilities. 

Trustee and Trust Services

Elder Services can provide an alternative to naming a friend or relative as successor trustee. The role of the trustee can be a daunting one if the individual named has no experience in this field.  It is important to remember that serving as trustee is a job, not an honor, and one needs to consider all options and alternatives before making a final decision as to who will be there to manage your affairs per your wishes.